What is The Snow Run™?

Snow Run™ also known as the most wonderful run of they year is an interactive fun-run experience that includes music, fitness, food – and ends in a huge snow pouring celebration  surrounding snow globes, snow angel areas, and a winter wonderland festival. We promote fun, fitness, and social engagement – along with bringing awareness to important global issues such as clean water, hunger, and more.

Is The Snow Real?

Is it the snow that falls out of sky?  Not exactly.  Is it the snow that every kid dreams of playing in?  That is an outstanding YES.  We are so stoked about this snow, you will not be able to distinguish the difference.  Not only does it look and feel like snow, it tastes like snow (Just joking about the taste, we recommend not eating the snow).  Bring friends, family, and come experience the most wonderful run of the year.

Is The Snow Run a charity or a non-profit organization?

Snow Run™ is neither a charity nor a non-profit organization. We are a “for profit” event company. Get the details on our charity partnerships right here.

Do I need to be in shape to do this?

Our participants range from children to grandparents. Our primary focus is on providing an awesome atmosphere and a day of TONS OF FUN! Lots of other events may test your fitness or stamina – the only stamina you’ll need is the ability to walk or jog the Snow Run route! (Hint: Usually a 5k or less).

What is included with my Ticket?

Each participant will receive a sweet-looking Snow Run t-shirt. You’ll also get a wristband for the event, sunglasses, bib, and most importantly an awesome Snow Run Medal.

Is there an age limit for younger kids?

We welcome people of all ages to enjoy the Snow Run™ atmosphere. Children 6 and younger can attend Snow Run for FREE if they attend with a parent or legal guardian. Participants ages 7 years old and older will need to purchase a ticket.  All of our routes will be kid/stroller friendly.

Does Snow Run™ have a packet pickup?

The exact details for packet pick up and or check in depend on each city and the number or participants we have. For events larger than 5,000 participants we often conduct an optional packet pick up the day before the event to minimize wait times on event day. Details for your Snow Run™ and packet pickup will be posted to your city event page during the week of the run, and we’ll email final instructions to participants 7-10 days before the event.

Can I send someone to pickup my packer for me?

You will be emailed a ticket confirmation after you purchase. Print this or send them an electronic copy they can access on their phone and we’ll get you your stuff!

Can I bring my pets?

We do not allow animals at Snow Run™.

Is there a dress code?

We recommend you wear CLOSED-TOE shoes. Beyond that feel free to create the funnest, craziest, Christmas costumes you can imagine for the big day!  Most participants wear the Snow Run T-shirt that is included your race day packet.

Are cameras and phones safe?

Bring your electronics into Snow Run™ at your own risk. We will have photographers on site as well – but we recommend you take precautions to keep your expensive equipment safe.

What if I can’t come? Can I get a refund?

If an event is held, we do NOT issue refunds. The logistics of producing and executing the event make issuing refunds for held events impossible. We encourage participants to confirm their schedule before signing up. Snow Run™ is a Rain or Shine event. If extreme weather, fire or other conditions that were unforeseeable are deemed to be potentially hazardous to participants or put participants safety at risk – the organizers (along with City Officials) may postpone the event start time or cancel the event. There will be no refunds or deferrals for weather cancellation.

What happens if there is bad weather?

The Snow Run™ is a “Rain or Shine” event. This means that whether it is 100 degrees outside or if it is pouring rain – we’ll be there. Still – the safety of our participants is our top priority and extreme weather could create a circumstance where it may be necessary to cancel the event.

In circumstances of Tornado, Tornado Warning, Tornado Watch, Flash Flood, or Heavy Lightening or Thunderstorm – the Event Director will coordinate with city and local authorities to monitor the weather and determine how to proceed. Read more about Weather Cancellation here.