About The Snow Run™?

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but this time the snow is so very, very, delightful.   That’s right, the weather is changing but this snow storm is bringing sun, smiles and laughter.  Snow Run™ is a fun-filled 5k while the sun is shining and the snow is pouring.  Throughout the route, runners will be introduced to three different Snow stations.  Too many people go through the holiday season without ever experiencing the joys of snow.  At Snow Run™ we plan on changing that.

The route will be filled with music to keep your spirits high and your motor running.  But if you don’t like running, feel free to walk, skip, hippity hop, prance, or trot.  At the end of the race, runners can stick around and enjoy our “Snow Angel” area, and our winter wonderland festival where kids and adults can frolic, gambol, and play in the snow.  And if that doesn’t suit you, then come to our dance party, where “Shake what your momma gave you,” is more than a tagline, it’s our calling card.

Snow Run™ is for everyone.  Whether you are a child or adult that has been neglected by Mother Nature.  Come party with us as we will bring the snow and fun to you.